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St. Louis Process Servers

Knowing that you are hiring a professional and trustworthy process server is an important first step in your case. You will want a Saint Louis process server who understands the local laws and guidelines for civil procedure. ServeNow aims to make hiring a process server easy for you, that’s why all of our Saint Louis process servers are pre-screened and verified to ensure your case will continue without delay.

Missouri Rules and Regulations

The city of Saint Louis has some specific rules other than those of the state of Missouri. All prospective process servers must be at least 21 years of age, and pass a training course that is administered by the Sheriff of the City of St. Louis. It is important to know that your process server is legally able to serve your papers to make sure that your legal documents will be upheld in a court of law.

Don’t risk the integrity of your case, hire a local process server who will get the job done right the first time.

Our Process Service Advantage

Hiring a local process server will benefit you because you can trust that they understand the ins and outs of Saint Louis’s rules and regulations, as well as the community. When your process server knows and is comfortable with the area, they are more likely to have a successful serve.

Don’t let your case be delayed! Know the importance of hiring a local process server, and use the search bar above.

Process Service Technology

Technology has changed the game of modern-day process service. It is important to stay fluent in new technology that is beneficial for your serve. Ask your local process server if they are using ServeManager. ServeManager can send GPS coordinates, manage your documents as well as serve as a general tool for your business

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